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Be well equipped for your winter horseriding

Riding in winter is not as unpleasant as most people think. It is even the best time of the year to go on the adventure and discover beautiful landscapes with its animal. But to be sure that the horse as well as the rider can be in the comfort during the walk in the cold, there are certain precautions to take, mainly in the accessories.

How to prepare your horse in the winter?

The horse can be mounted safely in winter even during periods of snow. Unlike humans, the horse can easily become accustomed to the climate. During the fall, he makes sure to eat as much hay as possible to ensure a large stock of energy. But this energy will be useful to him at the beginning of the winter to make his hair move. Also, it will have a denser and thicker fur in winter. Two layers of hair, one long and the other shorter, appear at this time. Also, when it starts to get cold, the animal naturally bristles its long hair to protect it from the temperature too low. Just buy him used saddles for sale before mounting it. It is therefore not advisable for riders to mow the horse at the approach of winter so that it can biologically adapt to the inclement weather. Otherwise, if the snow is at the rendezvous, it is always feasible to replace the horseshoe with hyppo-sandals which form a small cover for the legs to isolate the under-feet of the cold.

Cavalier in the cold

It is obvious that to face the cold, the rider will have to bet only on the clothes he wears. It is first important to wear only clothes that give comfort, not too loose or too tight. Finally, to keep the heat, it is better to wear sweaters underneath with tights and then wear outside pants and an anorak or a soft leather jacket. As for the shoes, the best is to wear leather boots with stockings.

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