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Finding a good saddle for your horse can be both easy and complicated. Indeed, find the right product can be complicated. We show you how to find the right place where to buy a saddle for your horse.

The best saddles sold at the lowest prices

If you are looking for a good saddle for your horse, you are in the right place. We sell saddles of all types and all brands. Design, simple or fancy, we provide you saddles perfectly suit for all your needs. We offer also quality product at affordable prices.

We select our saddles among the leading brands of saddlers. New or used, our saddles are perfect for all types of horse riding. For example you can put your choice on our wide range of used french saddles. We sell premium stools at the best price. In addition, you will find on the site all the saddle-related information such as manufacturer name, size, material used, the type of sport to practice with it ... So, your choice will be easier and safer.

What kind of saddles for horse riding

The quality and the type of saddle are important criteria when you make your choice. It would be regrettable that because of a bad saddle, you fall or have an accident. This is why proper saddle is required.

The type of stool depends mainly on the equestrian discipline that the rider practices. But regardless of the type chosen, the stool has to perfectly match the morphology of the horse, because a seat with the wrong size or unsuited to the horse's back will cause a lot of discomfate when you will practice your favorite sport, or even risk hurting the horse. Even for mixed saddles, it is essential to take into consideration the morphology of the equine and rider.

An expert or a coach can help you to know what your type of morphology or your horse’s morphology, to find the most suitable saddle.

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