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Horse riding is more than a sport, it's a passion. Ride on horseback actually requires indeed a lot of love and desire to not only tame the animal, but to do one thing with your horse.

Horseback Riding is a passion

Since man could tame and domesticate the horse, this animal has taken an important place in society. For centuries, man rides for various reasons. But with technological advances, horseback riding has become a sport, a hobby.The practice of horse riding arouses passion. Passion for his pet, horse or pony, which we must take care and with that it is important, even essential, to establish a certain complicity. In addition, the passion for riding has many benefits for body and mind.

Horse riding and its benefits for body

It goes without saying that the practice of sport has many benefits for the body. Anyone can practice horse riding provided you follow the rules like the wearing adequate clothing and possessing paraphernalia even cwd used saddles.The practice of riding stimulates the body parts that are rarely stimulate by other sports. It is in this case the thigh muscles, the adductors, back muscles, the lats and abs. Indeed, the different races of the horse (trot, gallop, not, etc.) used to strengthen these muscles.

The reconciliation with the horse beneficial to health

The contact of man with the equine raises a unique relationship between the two entities. This is a relationship of trust; confidence in the equine but also confidence in himself. Indeed, one must have tremendous confidence in order to master an animal weighing hundreds of kilos.

On the other hand, studies have proved that it was possible to cure certain diseases by practicing horse riding. In fact, this practice is often recommended in the treatment of autism. It allows to lay your head, de-stress and therefore feel better. After a day of work or to unwind the weekend, horseback riding is the ideal solution.

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