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A variety of jumping saddles

The horse is a domestic animal and an efficient means of transport in rural areas. But it is also a racing companion for riders and professional riders. With a horse, one can make simple strolls in the mountains and furrow the small alleys in small villages. You can also get out of the beaten path and make discoveries by jumping. In a way, the horse allows to do many things and to admire several passions.

Why should we have the most essential equipment before riding?

Knowing how to ride and master is one thing. But having all the essential equipment to ride the animal is another. The latter not only optimize comfort but also highlight safety for both the rider and the horse.

At equitack precisely, you can find all the equipments that one can need during a horse-riding whether professional or amateur. There is a little bit of everything, new or occasional depending on the budget, the envy, the taste or the special needs of everyone.

If you like jumps for example, you will find stools that cushion the blows. They prevent you from having aching back and buttocks.

What material to choose?

There is no better material to make a jump saddle. Everyone has his idea about this criterion when buying.

There are those who think that the equitack leather saddle is the ideal. It has several advantages. But others may also have their reasoning and say that it is the plastic stool that is better. They are more robust but also more stable. However, they are less flexible.

Other models of jump saddles are made with different materials. In all cases, it is the size, quality and sometimes the quantity purchased that define the price of the jump saddle. Being second-hand or new can also change the data.

Whatever the decision, the important thing is to put forward comfort and safety.

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