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Getting the right equipment for your horse

To buy a horse is a very easy action, but to keep him alive is the very hard work. Yes a horse get more than just giving his food and paying his veterinary visit every month. The big work is the choice of his equipment.

What does your horse need first?

You’re going to need the blanket pad that you better have it on twice or on this winter’s day, you have to look for a largest one. The net with his bridge is also on your box equipment, and all the things that you will see with it like the reins and his bit that is adapted with all the activities that you do with your horse. You will need also to protect your horse’s boots that is important to do the work so fine, you can add some rings if you want. And if really your horse needs, you have to adopt also a damper. If you work your horse on foot, you may need a halter that you might know to train it. You may also need a surcingle with his large tight. And the biggest equipment that you need is the saddles. We will see more option, but we advise you to take the used french saddles that you can purchase online. So with this saddle, you need your stirrup that own your foot. The strap that is better for the saddles too and also for your activities.

What do you need at your stable?

You need to get some materials at your stables. First of all you have to manage this stable with a little box. So you need play balls, feeders, water troughs, lick pads, but also saddle holders, bridle holders, surveillance cameras, and fly swatters that function on electric way. To make his wash, you need shampoos, hair clippers, full grooming kit, heat knife, brushes, combs, crabs that you may have on a box. You need also to make some hoof care, especially this winter, you need to protect horse’s hoof like a shoe hoof, a hoof balm, and a horse trimming that you will need some knowledge to apply it so fine.

The last thing is the visit to the veterinary, at once time in a month, and also his bath one time a week, but especially, you have to ride on it each moment that you have.

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