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How to choose your saddle

When comes the moment to choose his saddle, the rider is most often badly armed. He did not know what to do and what type of saddle to choose for his mount. The saddle, as an important accessory, determines the good practice of riding. So, choosing one should not be taken lightly. Follow our advice to learn how to choose the right saddle for your horse.

How to choose the right saddle for your horse ?

Several parameters must be taken into account when buying a saddle. We will retain the most important, tricks that will make your life easier.

New or Used saddle

The price of the saddle can influence his choice. Indeed, horse riding saddles are rather expensive accessories. But the investment seems worthwhile, since these are accessories capable of lasting several decades. The purchase of used saddles is a way to get quality material at a reduced cost. The french used saddles are accessories renowned for their resistance and reliability.

The type of equestrian sport practiced

Most often, the choice of the saddle depends on the type of sport practiced. Indeed, each equestrian discipline requires a particular type of equipment. Several types of saddles are found on the market: saddles, saddles, saddles, etc.

The size and material of the saddle

A good saddle is a saddle adapted to the back of the horse, comfortable for the rider. This is why it is absolutely necessary to try it on the animal before buying it. A saddle of good size (between 17 and 18 inches for adults) must allow free horse movements. The withers must also be free. Concerning the material, leather saddles are by far the best. But they can be very expensive especially when they are new. In this case, you can fall back on the saddles made of synthetic materials.

Finally, do not hesitate to try the saddle a few days on your horse before the final purchase. Most saddlers and dealers offer this service under certain conditions.

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