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The importance of your horses comfort and health

As the show season approaches again, it's time to begin working on shaping your horse and the best way to do it is with a wide, holistic focus on general health and well-being. With last-minute grooming, you can't attain health and beauty in your horse: it's the culmination of weeks and months of fitness and nutritional attention. While it takes a good commitment to bring your horse to the highest standards of showing or eventing, with the right help and products and some inside knowledge it's not too difficult.

Ways to improve your horse's health and well-being

Grooming : To turn your farm horse into a blue ribbon beauty, a good, glossy coat is crucial. Ideally, you should be grooming your horse every day throughout the year, because it's easier to keep a coat in good order than repairing weather and parasites damage if you haven't been careful enough. In addition, through frequent grooming, you enhance your connection and bond with your horse and that could be the most underrated factor in keeping healthy behavior in your pet throughout the season of competition. Also, you should always choose high-quality equestrian grooming products you will be amazed what a distinction the correct shampoos and conditioners, brushes, and wash-down sponges can make to the coat of your horse. Professional hoof pickers and scrapers will also do a much better job, and you could avoid more expensive issues like thrush and cracking for the additional price of premium products. The fine used saddles must be adequate for the comfort for the horse.

Feeding: In a healthy performance, the diet of your horse is one of the most significant variables. You will already know that if they look too lean they won't perform well, but their attitude and fitness also depend on you having the correct equilibrium between their energy requirements and appearance. While you need to monitor protein, especially when working on the topline, too much starch can cause your horse to get agitated and awkward, maintain an eye on how much your horse gets.

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