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The love for horseriding

If you were asked the definition of the word horseriding, what would you say? For many riders, passionate with riding, the definition could certainly be : exceptional sport in contact with the greatest conquest of man !
Horseriding it is not just a sport, it is not an extreme sport or a quiet sport. It is a unique sport, in touch with a single animal, the horse. This living being has four limbs, a tail and a huge heart. Have you ever met an animal capable of carrying you, capable of making you smile, capable of making you jump heights which you would not manage to jump, able to help you whatever happens, capable of giving you so much love, able to make you dream? Yes and this animal is the horse, and it continues to amaze millions of fans worldwide.

The love for horseriding is first a love for horses

The horse comforts us with its eyes, it makes us smile when it is just a little colt and when it frolics in the meadows. It makes us joyful as our parents with our birth, it make us cry when we learn that will no longer see it, we laugh when it is carried away for no reason and it galloped at full speed. To see the wind in its long mane, to hear the sound of its hooves, it is great fun. Riding is not a simple sport, because horses are not simple animals. But it is to them and to get to know them that we risk our lives, on their backs.
Anyone can practice horseriding on condition of compliance with the rules: no violence towards animals, do not force the animal, do not push it to the end. If you will follow these rules, then you will have the honor of being received among the riding enthusiast community, and you will see the privilege of being a rider...used saddles for sale here, and your horses will be happy !


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