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The purpose of a good saddle

Getting a good saddle is very important if you want to feel comfortable when riding a horse. Above all, antares saddles will last a lifetime. You are going to see why.

Comfort and quality for you

The aim for a good saddle is to gain an independent seat and own balance while riding a horse. A good one will keep both the rider and the horse safe. As a matter of fact, if you choose a good saddle, the purpose is to give comfort and posture of the horse. Besides, it will help you to be in the correct position. You could also be balanced on a horse. To be more precise, you could accurately adopt a range of positions. And you could participate in multiple disciplines. If you buy a good saddle, you could experience amazing jumping, pleasure riding and showing. Apart from that, the horse should carry the rider in a supported and pain free mode, so if the saddle is not really good, the horse won't stay in his stable. Therefore, if safety and enjoyment are important to you, then why not choose a good one?

A saddle to suit you

But how to choose a saddle to suit you and your riding ? Maybe you are wondering what type of saddle you will need, or you already know exactly what you like in a saddle. It's true that there is a wide range of saddles on the market nowadays. However, there are a few points to keep in mind when choosing a saddle. The first thing you should consider is to try a few saddles out. Test as many saddles as you can, and you'll find the best fit. Think about getting a saddle that will provide comfort throughout. After that, the saddle must fit you so that you can settle in the middle, or in the lowest part of your horse. And don't forget the saddle should also fit your horse properly. Buy good quality stirrup leathers as well as safety stirrups.

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