Specialist saddles designed for horses

As with any other activity, horse riding requires appropriate equipment. Riders must wear tools that protect them but they also allow them to maximize their potential. That's why specialized saddles designed exclusively for horses exist. They are used by riders during competitions.

Saddle function

The saddle is the material on which the rider places himself when riding on his horse. It is often made of leather or with synthetic materials. The horse saddle includes the pommel, the quarter, the knife, the quilting, the cantle, the sanglon. This is the tree that plays the role of skeleton of the saddle. Each of these elements has an important role. For example, the pommel allows the tourniquet which is a part of the horse's body to circulate well during the horse ride. The saddle allows the rider to stay balanced over the horse. For the latter, it brings him more ease when he gallops. This material is therefore important for riders competing for a dressage, an obstacle, etc. To ensure his comfort, he must obtain specialized saddles. This tool allows him to improve his performance with the comfort provided during the competition. Indeed, a wide range of saddles is available on the market.

Different types of saddle

Various companies offer their brand for saddle purchase. Each of them has its own characteristics. Indeed, saddles differ according to size, shape, materials used in manufacturing, etc. The rider must choose the ideal fine used saddle according to these different criteria. The saddle must correspond to the discipline practiced. The most important points concern especially the peculiarity of the saddle according to the characteristics of the rider and his horse. The saddle used must be adapted to their morphology. That's why some saddles are made to measure. For the horse, the equipment must conform to his body (tourniquet, shoulder, spine, etc.). This will remove any discomfort and allow him to focus solely on the competition. The saddle must also be adapted to the build of the rider. This specialized saddle is one of the rider's fighting tools. It allows the couple to be efficient and to be at their maximum capacity during competitions.

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Try out a quality used saddle
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